All LASTE Conferences were accompanied with publishing abstract books which included all accepted submissions.

Together with the abstracts, LASTE committee worked to publish selected full papers in international journals according to the topics of the submitted manuscripts.

Thus, selected full papers of 2019 were published as a special issue of International Journal of the Linguistics, Literature and Culture

They are as follows:

The role of the subject “literature” in forming personality in modern secondary schools
 Gultas Kurmanbay 1-5 DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.900 

Raees as Macbeth-A transcultural adaptation Sundas Shafiq, Nadia Anwar 6-15 DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.901 

Gender discourse analysis in Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea series and its Turkish translation Deniz Özgün 16-26 DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.902 

Forming the historical consciousness of the student through teaching fiction Zhanar Abdigapbarova 27-37 DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.903 

The language of American political discourse: Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals as manifested in Bush’s and Obama’s speeches on the war on terror Iman Raissouni 38-48 DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.904 

Deconstructing the evolving roles of English language educators in the 21st century Joseph Anthony Narciso Z. Tiangco 49-61 DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.905 

The impact of TV content on audience’ perception of materialism Saba Muneer, Samara Munir 62-75 DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.906 

Deconstructing bond of signifier & signified: a corpus-based study of variation in meaning Marghoob Ahmad 76-87 DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.907 

Literary translation: implantation vs transference AlZu’bi Khaled 88-94 DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.908 

Representation of Iraqi prisoners’ abuse in Judith Thompson’s palace of the end: a politico-cultural perspective Salih M. Hameed 95-102 DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.909 

Strategies of conveying metaphors in political discourse: analysis of the Turkish translations of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” Iryna Sekret DOI : 10.21744/ijllc.v6n4.911 

Selected papers of 2020 were published in International Journal of Pedagogical Advances in Technology-Mediated Education, as follows:

The Asian Student Exchange Program (ASEP) in Taiwan: Observations and Prospects for Further Multinational Collaborations

Joseph Anthony Narciso Z. Tiangco, Yu-Chiang Wang

9 – 17 Full Paper

Ethical considerations and dilemmas when undertaking ‘inclusive’ research with vulnerable people  

Peter Williams

18 – 25 Full Paper

Students’ Evaluation of Teaching: International Practices from the Students’ Perspectives

Iryna Sekret

26 – 38 Full Paper

The effectiveness of online language learning from the perspective of the Iranian university students

Ghader Razmjou

39 – 45 Full Paper

Smart Software Technologies and Their Role in Teaching and Learning

Abir Ghenaiet

46 – 53 Full Paper

Efficiency of Information Technologies in Education and Science Based on Foresight Technologies

Rinat Zhanbayev, Saule Sagintayeva, Abildina Ainur

54 – 65 Full Paper