It is our immense pleasure to announce about the support to ICLTE 2023 from  EDUSIMSTEAM Project,

EDUSIMSTEAM is aimed to enhance usage of the information and communication technologies in innovative learning environments. It works to transfer developing and changing practices to multi-disciplinary fields and share scenarios based on the real life problems with all educational stakeholders in online platforms.

The Innovative Online Platform developed in the framework of the project is supported by simulations and is of great importance for the sustainability of the project and promoting innovative educational scenarios in schools.

The project is conducted by the Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies in Turkey, and implemented with the contributions of 10 European partners.

It also serves parallel objectives with the practices of innovative and flexible learning environments supported by the European School Network and contributes to the exploitation of STEAM education in Turkey and in Europe.”

Under the supervision of Prof. Piet Kommers (Netherlands), a member of ICLTE 2023 Organising Committee, EDUSIMSTEAM supports organising this conference and going to share its achievements and results to the conference participants.

As ICLTE 2023 Organising Committee, we believe that it is of great importance and value for all the conference participants and stakeholders to learn from EDUSIMSTEAM experience which concerns new technologies in education in a focus on schools of Turkey and other European countries.

In view that ICLTE 2023 has already become an international platform which units researchers and academicians from all the continents, the distribution of EDUSIMSTEAM project’s results is a of mutual benefits both for the project team to confirm the objective value of the project’s outcomes and for the conference participants from other countries to learn from the case and apply the innovative solutions in the context of their educational establishments.

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