For Organisations, Businesses and Agencies

LASTE Conference is proved to be an international event which brings together representatives from various countries and continents. 

At the conference academicians, students and education police makers come together to discuss their experiences, share best practices of their countries and institutions. 

LASTE Conference is proved to be a good platform to come and share services and products to become known in other countries and expend the market of the products and services far beyond national borders.

Meeting colleagues, perspective partners and customers face to face and using the chance to talk about your businesses and services is a guarantee of successful collaboration and reliable ties for the future projects.

If you are ready to explore new opportunities of collaboration with other institutions and organisations please feel free to contact us at

What Organisations and Businesses can Benefit the Most?

  • Industries of the language technologies;
  • Publishing agencies;
  • Businesses of educational technologies;
  • Job recruiters;
  • Translation agencies;
  • Educational establishments looking for international collaboration, employees and students from abroad;
  • Software developers

How To Apply?

Please send a short description of your organisation’s profile and the services / products which you would like to present at the exhibition filling in the form below: